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NINA (Eboni Sadé) is a late 20-something freelance writer from Jersey City, NJ with vast interests and no real plan. Nina graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C. and wrote for the local newspapers The Hilltop and District Chronicles. While in school, Nina worked a few odd jobs, including a Garage Attendant and a nude model. She has a long list of activism under her belt: Black Lives Matter, Save The Dolphins, Hands Off Assata, Legalize Prostitution, Marijuana is for Everyone, and 94% of Black Women Said “Nah.”

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LAILA (Devin Nelson) is an early-30s Director of Finance from Brooklyn, NY with real plans and few interests. Laila graduated at the top of her class from Hampton University in Hampton, VA. Laila is the poster child for family. Having been raised in a home with many relatives, she enjoys the idea of a tightknit family. Marriage is the end all, be all for her and divorce does not exist. Where Nina is complex, Laila is quite simple. The pursuit of success drives each fiber of Laila’s being.

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BREE (Rachelle Danielle) is a late 20-something Marketing Manager and the best friend of Nina. On any given day, Bree can give the best and the worst advice on sex and relationships. Headstrong and slick-tongued, Bree enters any room and owns it.

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TONI (Gabriella Alexis) is an early-30s gender nonconforming teacher and the best friend of Laila. Toni reps Hampton University and enjoys teaching the next generation of thinkers. Toni's also known for slipping a queer writer or two into the curriculums.

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SADÉ (Gabrielle Adkins) is a vegan visual artist from Philadelphia, PA and a mutual friend of the couple. Sadé met Nina during freshman year at Howard University. Sade took a liking to Nina when they both argued for more representations of queer writers in their "Black Autobiography" class. 

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LOVE (Nicole Rainteau) is the earthy, spiritual worker from London, England and a good friend of Nina. Love met Nina during a one-on-one spiritual reading. She is the epitome of “good vibes only.” 

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CAMILLE (Lola Simone) is the older sister and polar opposite of Nina. The well-traveled, Yale-graduate rolls through Nina’s life like a wrecking ball. The siblings have a well-documented disdain for each other.